New Vic Fisheries Consultative Body calls for members

The Victorian Government is asking experienced and knowledgeable fishing “participants” to join a new Fisheries Consultative Body

The Victorian Government is calling on fishing "participants" to join a new fisheries consultative body that the government says will significantly improve Victoria’s consultative processes in relation to fisheries resources.

Acting executive director of Fisheries Victoria, Anthony Hurst, said the creation of the new body followed the July passage of new legislation to establish clear principles to guide future fisheries consultation.

"The new body will help the Victorian Government to fulfil its commitment to more effectively and efficiently engage with fisheries sectors and meet the high expectations of Government and the stakeholders themselves," said Hurst.

"The Government has high expectations for effectively engaging stakeholders and seeking their views when making decisions about the use and conservation of Victoria’s fisheries resources.

The Government said that the Fisheries Consultative Body (FCB) will provide advice on the design and implementation of specific and cost effective engagement processes on matters requiring consultation under the Fisheries Act 1995.

It will include people who have skills, expertise and knowledge regarding fishing and fisheries related matters from the recreational fishing, commercial fishing, aquaculture, Aboriginal fishing and conservation sections.

"FCB members will require comprehensive knowledge of their sector in order to provide advice on who should be consulted on a matter and how they should be best consulted," added Hurst.

Expressions of interest for FCB membership close on Friday 23 October 2009. Visit or contact Mr Robin Billen from Horton International on (03) 9650 2555 for more information.


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