Barra banned until January

Qld Government reminds fishermen that barra off the Gulf are off limits until January

The Queensland Government says that fishermen throwing a line in the Gulf are reminded that barramundi are now off limits until midday, January 22, 2010.

Fisheries resource manager Mark Lightowler said the closure was in place to protect barramundi stocks at a vulnerable time in their life cycle.

"Barramundi aggregate at specific times to spawn," said Lightowler. "Millions of eggs will be laid, but only a few survive the natural selection process.

"At this time, fish are concentrating on procreating. They are hungry and frisky, making themselves an easy target for a keen angler.

"The responsible thing to do is to fish in ways that minimise any potential catch of barramundi.

"Fishers should not target barramundi. If a barramundi is caught it should be released immediately. It is far better not to disturb them at all during this critical period.

"It’s about making sure this species is still around for future generations to enjoy," he added.

Barramundi can still be taken in East Coast tidal waters until midday, November 1, 2009. The annual closure remains in place until February 1, 2010.

For more information, contact the Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries Business Information Centre on 13 25 23 or visit


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