On their way

Work begins on new fishway scheduled near Batemans Bay

Work has started on a fishway to allow fish on the NSW South Coast to pass unimpeded up and down Currowan Creek, approximately 20 kilometres north-west of Batemans Bay, said Industry and Investment NSW conservation manager, Scott Nichols.

"Many native fish need to migrate as part of their life cycle — accessing estuarine environments to breed, with adults and juveniles returning to freshwaters to grow and mature," said Nichols.

"But the current causeway structure at Currowan Creek, which is a tributary of the Clyde River, acts as a fish passage barrier until it is overtopped in high flows, "he said.

Nichols said a full width rock ramp fishway aims to create a series of pools and small "steps" within a channel that allow fish to negotiate the rise in water level that is present across the causeway. Either side of the channel, rocks are placed to enable fish passage at higher flows.

"The threatened Australian grayling is likely to be one species that will benefit from these works, with other species such as the recreationally important Australian bass, and smaller species such as common jollytail also using the fishway," added Nichols.

Minor interruptions to traffic are expected as the work is completed.

Visit www.dpi.nsw.gov.au for more information.


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