Cape York may receive blanket World Heritage listing

Cape York could be off limits to fishing, off-roading, and other recreational activities

Cape York may receive blanket World Heritage listing
Cape York blanket World Heritage listing

Encroaching over-regulation by State and Federal governments in the form of marine parks is well known to many readers, but according to boating and fishing writer turned political activist, Rick Huckstepp, recreational freedoms in Cape York are about to get substantially reduced.

"I was recently asked to address a protest meeting at Crosswell Hall in Cairns in relation to the fraudulent declaration of the Coral Sea Heritage Marine Park," says Huckstepp.

"During the lead up to this meeting, which was attended by over 500 people, Wayne Bayne, secretary of the Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party, stumbled on some scary and well hidden information, and subsequent enquiries revealed that the date for the handing up of submissions in relation to a "blanket World Heritage listing" of Cape York was closed at the end of November!"

This decision, says Huckstepp, constitutes "the latest round of political "thank yous" given to the green movement in return for their preferential votes."

He says the decision will result in recreational fishermen being locked out up to three nautical miles offshore, while traditional aboriginal owners will "no longer have the potential to expand their horizons into tourism or sign off on any mining." He also says "grey nomads" will be prevented from entering the "area", starting at the southern border of the Heritage Area, and that fossickers and hobbyist gold prospectors will be barred from pursuing their craft in the rich Palmer River region.

"And don’t think you will get a permit easily just to drive through," added Huckstepp. "That is why it is called an "area", not a "park." Parks are where you are allowed to be."

Huckstepp urges readers to take action at the next election.


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