The perfect prawn?

CSIRO scientists develop genetically engineered super bug

The perfect prawn?
The perfect prawn?

Thanks to DNA technology and a decade of careful breeding and research, CSIRO scientists believe they may have developed what is possibly the world’s perfect prawn.

If that smells a bit fishy, then consider this… At one of the CSIRO’s partners, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture (GCMA), the improved black tiger prawn has recorded yields per hectare of over triple that of the industry standard. An average of 17.5 tonnes per hectare has been recorded this year (compared to an industry average of five), while several ponds have produced 20 tonnes per hectare and one pond produced a world-record-busting 24.2 tonnes per hectare. Based on those spectacular results, the five gold medals awarded to the prawn over the last two Sydney Royal Easter Shows, and the "Champion of Show" title, are small fry…

With half of all prawns sold in Australia imported from overseas, the CSIRO’s efforts spell fantastic news for the Aussie prawn industry and Aussie prawn consumers. According to the leader of the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship prawn research project, Dr Nigel Preston, the recent results have exceeded all expectations. "These huge yields can be replicated year after year, which means consistent supply of a reliable and high quality product — all vital factors for the long-term growth and prosperity of the Australian prawn farming industry," he said. (Photo courtesy

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