Win some Pure Fishing gear | Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat

By: Jack Murphy

Penn Conflict 4000 rod For a light combo, the Penn Conflict 4000 and 6-10kg Regiment rod certainly knocked over some cracking fish, like this snapper. Penn Conflict 4000 rod
Penn Squall rod The Penn Squall in her natural habitat, 20km out to sea on the Great Barrier Reef. Penn Squall rod
Sebile Stick Shadd How many kingfish can you count? Let’s just say the Sebile Stick Shadd didn’t make it back to the boat unscathed. Sebile Stick Shadd
Penn Conflict with 10lb line Danny can’t believe he landed this kingfish. The water was three metres deep, the bottom was littered with rocks and there was only 10lb line on the Penn Conflict. Penn Conflict with 10lb line
Kingfish caught on Sebile Stick Shadd More kingy action on the deadly Sebile Stick Shadd. Kingfish caught on Sebile Stick Shadd

Check out the fishing gear and equipment used on the Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat.

Win some Pure Fishing gear | Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat
Win the Trade-a-Boat giveaway boat and its load of Pure Fishing gear and you too could be catching Spanish mackerel before you know it.


Pure Fishing gear

One of the most important decisions when we decided to take our Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat into the wild to test its capabilities revolved around what fishing tackle tackle we’d use.

With just the one fishing boat, there was definitely no room for a barramundi-specific fly rod or a full arsenal of surf fishing equipment. The fishing equipment had to be simple, tough and versatile.

After a long search we settled on Pure Fishing. This tackle company is the name behind Penn, Abu Garcia, Owner, Sebile and Berkley brands. A close examination of the Pure Fishing gear revealed that they would be the perfect tackle partner.

Check out some of the Pure Fishing products that made all the difference while our giveaway Stabicraft 1650 Fisher boat was on the road.


Penn Conflict 4000 spinning reel with 7ft 6-10kg Regiment rod

Without question, the Penn Conflict 4000 and 6-10kg Regiment rod caught more fish than any other outfit while our Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat was on the road. From bream and snapper to kingfish and cobia, this versatile stick has a great mix of finesse and head turning drag force. The 7ft rod allows for firing off huge casts while the strong butt was awesome for dragging fish away from pylons or off the reef.

Used for: flicking soft plastics at big, angry fish.


Penn Squall 30 wide with 24kg Bluewater Carnage rod

The main problem with overhead reels is that they’re heavy and bulky. The Penn Squall 30 Wide is tough, holds heaps of line and is actually remarkably light with the graphite frame. This reel came into its own during blue water excursions and caught a plethora of tasty Spanish mackerel. What was really cool, though, was hooking up and landing a black marlin on the 30 Wide off Sydney.

Used for: taming line burning marlin and agro Spanish mackerel.


Gulp! soft plastics

Gulp! We all know ’em — they’re some of the best soft plastics you can buy in Australia.

Although great for the big stuff like 5kg snapper and metre barra, I loved using them for bread and butter fish like bream and flatties too. Because of their incredible scent, the fish will hit these lures even if they’re just sitting motionless on the sea floor. My favourites were the 5in minnow in nuclear chicken and the 3in minnow in pumpkin seed.

Used for: catching pretty much anything.


Sebile Stick Shadd

This lure got the nickname "The Dominator". If anyone was struggling to catch a fish, they’d be handed a Sebile Stick Shadd and had good luck wished upon them. This lure caught GTs and red bass up north and kingfish and mahi mahi down south. We can’t wait to give them a crack on the yellowfin and longtail tuna — they’d be deadly!

Used for: firing up the fish when they’re too timid to hit poppers.

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Win fishing gear (and win a boat)

Like what you see? Our Stabicraft 1650 Fisher giveaway boat comes with a swag of Penn, Abu Garcia and Sebile fishing gear from Pure Fishing. Plus, we're also giving away a 2015 Majestic Sierra Xtreme off-road caravan worth a cool $57,990. The Ultimate Adventures giveaway package is worth more than $100,000.Find out how to enter.


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