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The 519 is the biggest in Stacer’s Barra Pro range that targets the tournament angler but also recreational fishos after a fast, manoeuvrable and shallow draft craft, notes Rick Huckstepp



Just back from the Northern Territory and two weeks on coastal and inland waterways where alloy barra boats reign supreme, we trekked along to Coomera to see Stacer's 519 Barra Pro.
This rig is the largest of the three boats in the Barra Pro range and has been designed specifically for the tournament angler or one who, perhaps, doesn't chase the number one spot on the dais but wants a good, fast, manoeuvrable boat with very shallow draft for working tight cover.
Stacer's revitalised upholstery with grey and cream coloured vinyl panels along with grey carpet makes for easy-on-the-eye surroundings in bright daylight.
A console mounted mid cockpit against the starboard gunwale has been designed with a deep rebate at the aft bottom end to allow easy access for the skipper's lower legs. A shelf inside the console will hold all the necessary trinkets while the sloping fascia has a mechanical steering system installed. Above the helm wheel is the instrumentation and alongside this is another aperture allowing for further stowage of small items.
The hour meter on the test boat had heavy condensation under the glass which will need to be addressed. A flat top on the console allows for the installation of large cabinet gimbal-mounted electronics and above that is a grabrail where rods can be retained with their butts sitting in four holders in a protrusion at the bottom front of the module.
With tournament anglers using pairs of depthsounders, there is ample room to run one facing toward the bow and another to the stern.


A sidepocket runs under the gunwale from the front of the console to the front edge of the rear casting platform. Opposite on the port side is the optional lockable rod locker with soft rubber, mounting rod chocks inside extending from under the edge of the gunwale to the cockpit deck.
The two supplied swivel seats have post receptacles in four positions, one of which is on the forward casting deck. The other two for passengers are in the cockpit in positions that will allow the boat to be trimmed out for long-distance running.
The rear casting deck has three hatches that access stowage each side of a central livefish well for getting tournament prize getters safely back to the weigh-in station in good condition. If a fish deceases on the way, it does not count in the tournament game! One of the hatches to the side of the livefish well, hosted the battery isolator switch and fuel filter. Should fuel leak here, it will sit in the rotomoulded tray below.
Another hinged flap at the aft end of the platform opens allowing the engine to go full tilt. When the flap is down, it offers a level of safety for the stand-up angler, preventing, to a certain extent, feet accidentally stepping off into the engine well. Away from this, the surrounding gunwales are raised about 75mm above the rear casting platform and are fitted with corner grabrails which will help prevent people distracted by the angling from accidentally walking the plank.


The forward casting deck has two hatches at the front, opening to the centre. These hold the ground tackle with a small Danforth anchor fitting comfortably inside. Another two hatches either side offer more space for first aid kits and safety gear, and a massive centrally located hatch will hold heaps of gear.
All of the hatches in the 519 Barra Pro are fitted with rotomoulded liners and are bunged for drainage. There are no watertight seals to prevent rain and spray entering the hatches so one will have to keep an eye on stowed gear becoming damp.
The previously mentioned central hatch could easily be turned into a livefish well and considering that tournament anglers fish in pairs, this would be necessary to keep each angler's fish separated. Also, all hatches feature full-length stainless steel piano hinges which provide the strongest, most low-profile way of fastening the lids. Velcro closers and nylon straps assist in getting the hatches opened.


Bolted onto the 519 Barra Pro's new-style transom, which has been modified from Stacer's Mod Pod style of past models, was Mercury's four-stroke 115hp outboard. This engine is the maximum horsepower rating for this boat and believe me when I say you won't need any more.
The big four-stroke produced good holeshot with the boat remaining on a flat attitude and fast acceleration to 54mph which converts to just on 87kmh.
With the leg trimmed in for hard cornering at cruising speeds and general handling, the helm was surprisingly easy for a manually operated cable steering system. Torque became excessive when the speed was at WOT, so if you are one to not mess around and had the conditions regularly to be able to travel at that sort of pace, hydraulic steering should be optioned up when placing an order for the 519 Barra Pro.
This hull is a stretch-formed style along the lines of Quintrex's Hornet series and offers small-chop, soft-ride capability while having a very small degree of deadrise off the keel line aft of the forequarters. This results in a very stable platform for people to stand and fish on.
Further stability is added with the design of Stacer's Evo Series II hull sides. The sides are bulbous coming out from a position above the bottom corners of the side sheets. When dead in the water and at slow travel it has more hull beam in the water for stability, while on the plane that protrusion is above the waterline creating less drag and offering more top-end speed and economy.
As a barra, bass and bream boat this rig is a winner. The serious tournament angler will need to tweak a few things but most of the requirements will come standard.


Stable and manoeuvrable
Very shallow draft
Heaps of casting room and
Lockable rod stowage


Fuel filter needs to be removed from location shared with battery isolator
Hour meter not sealed against moisture
Motor's stainless steel drag link showing rust blemishes


Specifications: 519 Barra Pro

Price as tested:  $39,285
Options fitted: Two-tone paint, rod locker, and hull thickness upgrade to handle 115hp
Priced from: $30,220

Material: Aluminium; 3mm bottom, 2mm top
Type: Tournament runabout
Length overall: 5.2m
Beam: 1.96m
Rec. max. HP: 115
Rec. max. transom weight:   242kg
Weight: 480kg (hull only)
People: 5 

Make/model: Mercury 115 EFI
Type: Electronic fuel injected four-cylinder four-stroke
Rated HP: 115
Displacement: 1732cc
Weight: 181kg
Gearbox ratio: 2.07:1

53 Waterway Drive,
Coomera, Qld, 4209
Phone: (07) 5585 9805
Fax: (07) 5585 9811

Originally published in TrailerBoat #242

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