By: Rick Huckstepp, Photography by: Lou Martin

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If you’re looking for more space and waterline length for your dollar, then Stacer’s huge aluminium bowrider is bound to satisfy. Rick Huckstepp reports




Finding a perfectly happy medium between a serious fishing boat and family runabout is near impossible, I reckon. There are always some things that have to be sacrificed when trying to get a boat to do both jobs.
The first issue that comes to mind is the hull, which for the serious fisho is one of the first major aspects that must be taken into consideration. It is hard to justify any compromise here, as it will govern how and where you will fish.
The family boat, on the other hand, presents well with low-profile gunwales that the kids can climb over with ease - not really what you want when offshore fishing - plus seating over cockpit space and high performance over economy.
Too hard to work it all out? Ask yourself if you can afford a dedicated boat for each task, and if that comes back as a firm "no", trot along to your nearest Stacer dealer and have a look at the 605 Easy Rider Sports.




This boat is built on the tried and proven EVO hull. Tried and proven by me, actually, in seas so nasty I was thinking about the wife and kids and whether they would find the last will and testament filed away among all my past issues of Trailer Boat!
There were massive seas with 60kt of horizontal rain for three hours, but in the end no one had to call for the white envelope.
This boat is high off the water all round but with ladder access over the full floating pod.
If I had the chance to modify this rig into a full family-friendly one, I would chop off the bowsprit and put a folding ladder off it, making for easy beach access and departure. I'd also have the edges of the ladder such that the anchor rope could not jump over them. The folded ladder would in effect take the place of a bowroller.
Once again, there's another small sacrifice in that the roller would be removed.




The bowrider section is very large, with ample seating and dry stowage below.
Access through the screen is via a fold-back section, and there is a carpeted door to stop wind and spray coming through to the occupants in the cockpit.
The two swivel seats have relocating backrests so you can easily sit and gaze out the back at the kids on a tube without having to spin the seats around. A bimini casts plenty of shade over the helm.
The rear lounge is completely removable, allowing comfortable fishing access to the transom. The padded backrest on the inside of the coaming adds further to creature comfort levels while drowning bait, and wide coamings over the transom bulkhead will allow for easy insertion of livebait tanks or some sort of recessed icebox at a later date.
A pedestal drink table with recessed can-holders is a nice optional addition that slips into its recess in the centre of the cockpit. Here, you could stage a summer picnic for four. Wide sidepockets for the empties are close at hand.
A 240-pixel resolution Eagle FishEasy2 sounder sits snug among the instrumentation for when the fishing is getting underway. It worked well at all speeds along the Coomera River.




The excessive traffic of a public holiday prevented me from stretching this boat's legs in safety, but it was clipping 55kmh easily with plenty of throttle to go.
This rig is another of Stacer's 'Ready2Go' packages, with this one coming in at $39,390 fitted with a Mariner 150hp two-stroke outboard. It was a very snappy performer on the throttle, and manoeuvrability was excellent.
It rates for seven people aboard and has a total weight of two tonnes, which puts it into the heavy vehicle towing territory.
The Stacer Easyrider 605 is a pretty big aluminium boat, which boosts its versatility levels and works well as a compromise for family boaters that enjoy a variety of waterborne activities. For the money, it represents pretty good value.
Ready to go? Indeed.




• Versatility for family and fishing use
• Value for money
• Performance in any conditions




• Bowsprit restricts ready beach access
• The boat's considerable weight means bigger sedans/4WD are needed to tow it





Specifications: Stacer 605 Easyrider Sports




Price as tested: $39,780
Options fitted: Picnic table
Priced from: $39,390




Material: Aluminium (5mm bottom, 3mm sides)
Length (overall): 6.25m
Beam: 2.40m
Deadrise: 14°
Rec/max hp: 150/175
Towing weight: 2000kg




Fuel: 115lt
People: Seven adults
Water: n/a




Make/model: Mariner EFI 150
Type: Fuel-injected two-stroke
Rated hp: 150
Displacement: 2507cc
Weight: 193kg
Gearbox ratio: 1.87:1
Propeller: 19in Mirage Plus




Stacer Boats, tel (07) 5585 9898 or visit



Originally published in TrailerBoat #185

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