By: Daniel Nash, Photography by: Lou Martin, BRP Australia

Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited 215hp has undergone a redesign for 2007 and has entrenched itself as the most fully featured PWC on the water

At the recent launch of the 2007 Sea-Doo range on the Sunshine Coast, the media throng present had the chance to ride the entire Sea-Doo range. It certainly enlightened me that there is something for everyone when it comes to Sea-Doo, and you’ll be catered for whether your after a need for speed, straight out cruising or something unique like a PWC that can tow a wakeboarder or surfer.
No matter what I cast my eye over or tested on the day, I kept coming back to the Sea-Doo’s very own ‘Blue Monster’, the GTX Limited. I’m not sure what attracted me to the Blue Monster. Perhaps it was its colour scheme or it’s spec’d up features, never mind the fact it goes like a rocket. Whatever it was, if I had some spare cash to flirt with a PWC, the GTX Limited would be high on my shopping list.

The GTX Limited is powered by the biggest engine in the Sea-Doo range, the 215hp supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine. This engine will get you humming along your favourite waterway at a good turn of speed especially when you consider the 2007 GTX Limited is 23kg lighter than the 2006 version. Engine temperature is monitored via a closed loop cooling system that utilizes the PWC’s aluminium ride plate as a heat exchanger. This keeps the engine and its coolant at the ideal operating temperature. It does not use external water which means that it helps limit corrosion. This is especially of benefit to those who want to use their craft in saltwater areas.
While the engine may be big on performance, it’s certainly not big on sound thanks to Sea-Doo’s D-Sea-Bel sound reduction system. This system uses a combination of vibration absorbing components, foams and resonators to give you a quieter ride.
With a 215hp engine, the GTX Limited is a speed machine, however, it’s also a great option for more gentile pursuits such as cruising canals or rivers with friends. It can carry up to three people and with 60lt of fuel and a plethora of storage, a summer afternoon cruise to your favourite picnic spot or beach is definitely not beyond the realms of possibility.
As mentioned, the GTX limited had loads of storage. According to Sea-Doo, its capacity reaches 125lt which is the largest capacity in the industry. As well as a watertight, removable storage bin and tray, there’s a removable dry bag and front tray, and a waterproof mobile phone case. So carrying provisions for a long day of fun on the water is not an issue.

Performance wise, the GTX Limited is a joy to ride. The touring seat is comfortable and well cushioned, and the riding position has been further improved via a wider and higher handlebar set-up. The steering column is also tilt adjustable, so you can set yourself up for maximum comfort and adjustable mirrors increase the rider’s field of view.
A digital information centre sits just forward of the handlebars and reports on 19 key operating features. The GTX Limited package also comes with an integrated Garmin handheld GPS unit, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost if you wish to mindlessly cruise a specific waterway.
If you’re new to PWC, then several features of the GTX Limited that are also found across the Sea-Doo range will appeal. The Off Power Assisted Steering System assists manoeuvrability while the Sea-Doo Learning Key system will allow novice riders to learn to ride with greater confidence and control.
The GTX Limited pretty much has it all in terms of PWC performance and features. If it’s limited by anything, it’s that it’s only available in cosmo blue but I’m not complaining. That’s what attracted me to the GTX Limited in the first place.


Specifications: Sea-Doo GTX Limited

Price as tested:
Options fitted: GTX Limited package, including Garmin GPS, depth gauge, safety kit, and cover

Material: FRP
Type: Modified V-composite
Length overall: 331cm
Beam: 122cm
Weight: 366kg

Fuel Capacity: 60lt
Storage: 125lt
Seating: 3

Make/model: Rotax 4-TEC
Type: Supercharged intercooled engine
Rated HP: 215
Displacement: 1494cc
Drive: Sea-Doo direct drive

Bombardier Recreational Products

Originally published in TrailerBoat #119


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