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If you thought the 575 Breeze was a great boat… check out the ProFish




You know, I don't think the people at Haines Hunter ever sleep. Nor do they ever sit still. Just when you thought the team had achieved ultimate success with one of the most popular Australian boats ever produced, the 580 Breeze, the team goes back to the drawing board to re-package it. And they have come up with more options to customise your dream machine to your personal requirements, and that includes budget limitations.

Put simply, the all-new Haines Hunter 575 ProFish is beautiful. She has exquisite lines and curves to die for, has great character, and delivers an extremely smooth ride. Built to work and to play, the ProFish is comfortable and graceful, yet she can be fast and exhilarating at all the right times. Sounds like the perfect boat to me.

Fortunately, the package is not just for dreamers. Haines Hunter recognise that their customers often have different priorities and budget capabilities, yet still want the confidence of buying the structural integrity and legendary offshore capabilities of one of the longest standing brand-names in the market.




The new 575 ProFish enables you to start with a basic boat, free of expensive frills and unwanted extras. The extensive list of options offers the opportunity to work with the dealer to create a package perfectly suited to your requirements. For example, bowrails, top-end electronics and internal carpet and trim are expensive items that most family oriented boat buyers can easily do without.

However, if you are of the mad-keen angler variety who can afford the very best, then the ProFish is the perfect base to build your ultimate package.

Seriously, a man would have to be a complete idiot to think in 2010 that Haines Hunter, with their 50-odd years of progressive management, design and construction techniques, could ever build anything that wouldn't totally please the market. Team this up with the best four-stroke technology from Honda and you have a real winner.

People are now travelling farther afield in search of their prey and exploring new and distant boating destinations. Haines Hunter has recognised this trend and added a larger 160lt underfloor fuel tank. Combined with the miserly fuel consumption of the Honda 135hp DOHC inline four-cylinder outboard and you have a package that is capable of extended sojourns.

This new Haines Hunter model has returned to the old idea of supplying a centre carpet strip with flow-coated sides and cabin. While it's cheaper and easily maintained, I would still personally opt up to a fully carpeted floor. Most anglers I know would argue with me, but that's the beauty of choice.

I found the boat to be roomy, with a very pleasing, open and comfortable layout. I was surprised to find full-length bunks in the roomy cabin, a feature that many dedicated fishing boats now ignore, but one that's regularly demanded by customers, or their wife and kids. The cabin has large sidepockets and storage under the bunks, as well as a big hatch for easy access to the bow.

The bow has a moulded bowsprit with locking cross bollard and a deep well that can easily house an optional anchor winch. The 575 ProFish also has a narrow walkway around the cabin. Many customers demand this feature, but it's debatable if they will ever use it more than once. The stainless steel split bowrail is optional, but at just under $1000, many will do without it.

The bunk and cabin area does not detract from a big, workable deck that has toeholds all round for stability in a choppy sea. It has high, comforting gunwales for security, and a rather traditional engine well with detachable rear-seat combination. The icebox/bait tank is moulded into the starboard quarter. At least one transom platform with stainless steel fold-down ladder would be my selection from the options list if family-based watersports are on the menu. Maybe I am a bit of a traditionalist, but I really quite like this style of transom and seating layout for a versatile family boat. It provides flexibility whether you are fishing, diving, skiing or just cruising.

Good manufacturers have learnt many lessons over the years and one that the people at Haines Hunter have heeded is to mount the fuel filler high up on the edge of the engine well to keep it away from any water. It is still very accessible for filling. There's also good access to the battery and bilge for maintenance and cleaning. The care and attention to the fit-up is a credit to New World Honda. Quality workmanship is evident all over the package, particularly in the transom and dashboard.



Many modern dash-layouts may look terrific, but large-screen instruments, gauge clusters and switch panels can create a nightmare. Not so with the attractive mouldings of the Haines Hunter 575 ProFish. There's ample room for dash, or flush-mounted electronics for all but a 12in screen. A unit of that size would have to be freestanding on the large, flat dash section. Otherwise, the helm is welcoming and easy to read.

There is also plenty of room should you opt for extra communications and entertainment equipment such as a VHF radio and sound system. The analogue engine and fuel gauges have polished stainless steel bezels that look great and are easy to read. The helm comes standard with an attractive stainless steel combination steering wheel, a lockable glovebox and, of course, Haines Hunter is the market leader in fitting switch panels with circuit breakers.

I felt a bit naked at first, as the test boat did not have a depthsounder. Obviously, depthsounders, GPS and chartplotter combinations are a matter of personal choice and the boat was left unfitted to accommodate the eventual customer's choice. I don't have a problem with that. I was there to test the boat, not electronics.

Personally, should budget allow, I would opt for flush-mount engine controls and combination seat box modules to replace the pedestals. But the standard options work well and the Honda side-mount controls have a comfortable and workable operation.

Safety grab-bars are fitted to all the right places. Recessed grabrails surround the deck, and there is a welcome Jesus bar next to the passenger. A serious angler would not choose the collapsible baitboard as supplied for the test, instead opting for a custom stainless steel combination. But these can be very expensive and not suited to all boaties.

Our test boat looked terrific on the water with its foldable stainless steel rocket launcher and premium Qualitycraft bimini/clears combination that provides the mounting point for a pair of LED work-lights and aerial. The upholstery is, as usual for Haines Hunter, first class.



It might look great on the water, but it performs even better. The Haines Hunter formula of 21-degree Performance Deadrise Vee (PDV) has been tried, tested and only ever improved upon in the ProFish 575. There's no doubt that this model carries on the tradition of seamanship that has become legendary from Haines Hunters' 50 years of quality boatbuilding.

This boat is a pleasure to drive. In my opinion, the Honda 135hp four-stroke is one of the best in its class providing exhilarating performance right through the rev range, and is ideally matched to the hull. Like all deep-vees, this boat likes to get up and run, but remains surprisingly nimble at lower rev ranges, popping onto the plane at around 15kts at 3200rpm.

The package felt comfortable at a cruising speed of 24kts at 3800rpm. Typically, for a deep-vee, the Profish 575 just loved getting up and over 4000rpm where it steadily accelerated from 26kts. We achieved a Wide Open Throttle (WOT) at 5700rpm with a quick but comfortable 38kts, and loved it. The hull is smooth and predictable without bad habits. It has little bow-rise at low speeds and cuts through rough conditions with ease.



I would highly recommend the Haines Hunter 575 ProFish as an ideal boating package. It is produced by one of the most recognised brands in the country with a long tradition of exceptionally seaworthy craftsmanship. Should you ever need to sell the boat you can always expect a premium resale price for a Haines Hunter, especially in this popular size range.

Haines Hunter back up their products with a seven-year structural warranty and attention to detail is obvious in all models throughout the range. The research and development team should be congratulated for their response to consumer feedback through the vast dealer network. They display a pleasing ability to constantly improve customer benefits.

The Haines Hunter 575 ProFish is a versatile package for all boating needs. It blends excellent offshore capabilities with gorgeous design and practicality, while its versatile size and layout also offers an ideal platform for inshore boating enthusiasts and a wide range of watersports. The package is easily towed by a six-cylinder family vehicle and the fuel savings of the Honda four-stroke ensure that your family fun machine will not break the budget.

I would certainly be very happy to park a Haines Hunter 575 ProFish in my driveway. But then again, I don't think it would be parked for too long with the opportunities it offers the whole family for fun and excitement.



Top ride

OPtions fitted

Big cabin



Engine control position






Price as tested: $55,250
w/ 135hp Honda outboard, trailer, regos and safety gear

Options fitted: Bimini, rocket launcher, 27MHz radio, and more

Priced from: $52,790


Type: Monohull

Material: GRP

Length overall: 5.9m

Beam: 2.25m

Deadrise: 21°


Fuel: 160lt

People: Six

Rated HP: 115hp to 150hp

Weight: 850kg (hull)


Make/model: Honda BF135

Type: Four-cylinder four-stroke

Rated HP: 135hp

Weight: 220kg

Gearbox ratio: 2.14:1

Propeller: 17in stainless steel


New World Honda Marine,

Cnr Monash Drive and Westernport Freeway,

Lyndhurst, Vic, 3975

Phone: (03) 9999 3315





Originally published in TrailerBoat 254

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