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Streaker’s 6100 Navigator Eclipse Walk Thru takes on the highly competitive six metre market




The one thing that you will find in common among all boaties is that we can't resist the temptation to drive a new boat. I love it! For me, there's always the question as to how a new concept, design, shape or layout will stack up on the water in real conditions. Most often I'm pleasantly surprised, but sometimes not. However, there's never a question about how a Streaker will perform.

The Victorian manufacturer has been producing some of Australia's favourite vessels for 40 odd years. The company got it right to start with and has been continually fine-tuning ever since. This successful formula has been extended to the new 6100 hull, and its performance again is unquestionable.

I'll admit it, Streaker Boats has produced some of my all-time favourites. From a dealer or reseller's point of view, history tells us that because of their popularity, any sensibly priced secondhand Streaker is as good as money in the bank. There's something recognisable and familiar about all Streaker products, and from an operator's point of view you just know they'll never let you down.

The Streaker family, led by brothers Leon and Paul Savage, are some of the most professional operators in the boating industry. This extended-family business also includes long-term employees. While it may not be quite so convenient for some interstate customers, Streaker only sells direct from the factory to ensure that every boat is expertly fitted and finetuned to very high standards. There's no question about propeller sizes, standard inclusions or dealer fitted options because Streaker takes responsibility for the entire package after extensive testing.

A welcome addition to the range is the 6100 Navigator Eclipse Walk Thru. This terrific new hull takes the highly competitive six metre market head on and comes up trumps as one of the most versatile packages on offer.

This boat will suit nearly everyone. Its practical configuration suits every kind of watersport and should be in the top list of "all round" family packages. It's a dayboat, with short bunks in a walkthrough style cuddy-cabin to supply the basic prerequisites of plenty of deck space, and an easy anchoring layout, so if you want a full cabin to sleep in you might have to hold your breath for just a little while.

Navigator Walk Thru packages are a progression that reflects a constant demand for refinements. However, the successful Streaker elements don't change. The new model combines aesthetic improvements to reflect current fashions and practical improvements for versatility, easy operation, and individual preference.




The 6100 hull follows a long, and successful tradition. The timeless formula of 20° deadrise, three long strakes, a small reverse chine and a big flared bow with fine entry has served Streaker well for many years. It provides a stable, soft riding platform that performs well in all weather, including uncomfortable sea conditions, while premium quality provides a high level of inherent safety and security.

The hull is very quiet on the water thanks to Microlen underfloor foam floatation that is National Marine Safety Council approved (it's a block-type foam that doesn't create any pressure between hull and floor). Streaker also utilises its own unique "foam filled fibreglass stringer" system, and the estimated 900kg hull weight is proof of a very strong fibreglass laminate.

Many open cuddy configurations suffer from amplified noise from the bell-like cabin structure. Some walkthrough cabins rattle like hell too, but the 6100 is as quiet as a mouse. Comfort is enhanced with low noise levels from the Yamaha 150hp four-stroke engine that pushes the package effortlessly at fast WOT speed of 77kmh (41.6kts) at 5600rpm. I feel sure this boat will attain the milestone 80kmh (the old 50mph) once the new engine beds in.

A practical bowsprit is moulded as an integral part of the hull and deck, making it a genuine part of the 6.1m hull. While the transom platforms are a bolt-on accessory that come standard with the Eclipse package, they certainly present outwardly as part of the hull.

Aesthetically, the new boat looks great, with very enticing lines throughout the hull and cabin. The Navigator Series have a modern sweptback gunwale with a more rounded transom. This design started with the Sirocco and was carried on by Commander models. The bullet-like appearance of the rounded cabin is very attractive and makes terrific sense should you find yourself with a big blue one over the top. The streamlined shape is aerodynamic, and while I don't believe any tests have been done, I'd make a prediction that the shape will save fuel, particularly if the boat is being towed behind a standard family vehicle.

Outwardly it's hard to believe this cabin has the large opening walkthrough section that gives terrific access to the bow for mooring or anchoring. The hatches seem to be part of the flowing lines of highly polished cabin and hull mouldings. However, the walkthrough is extremely practical, and the bow area is finished with a stainless steel split-bowrail, a locking cross-bollard and a separate deep anchorwell with hatch. Anchor winches of all types can be fitted as an option.



Inside the cabin, a fibreglass liner gives the boat a fresh presentation. I like the step at the front of the carpeted floor for safe bow access too. There's enough room for the kids to sit and play, or for a little one to have an afternoon nap. Storage is provided under the short bunk cushions, and in the big sidepockets that will house most of your safety gear, charts, and the vast array of paraphernalia that we fishos tend to carry around.

While walkthrough configurations limit the available dashboard space, the design team at Streaker has done a great job in presenting an attractive helm capable of housing all the gauges and instruments needed with a single engine. I must admit that the black gelcoat dashboard took me back a little at first but after a few seconds I decided that I liked it. There's room on the dash should a customer wish to upgrade to a larger sounder/GPS/plotter unit. The dashboard also houses twin-Yamaha multifunction gauges, a six-gang waterproof switch panel, key start, GME GX300 marine radio, and a small dash-mounted Danforth compass. A comfortable Sportline composite steering wheel with Sea Star hydraulic steering provides effortless and direct control.

The driving position is very comfortable, even for this big bloke. Engine controls are flush-mounted at the right height, and the seating allows you to stand or sit at speed. Either way, you're well protected behind the high Perspex wraparound windscreen. I tend to give boats quite a thrashing when testing, throwing them into tight turns and jumping waves and so on, but I felt secure behind the wheel in this one, with plenty of enclosure, no sharp edges, secure handles, and foot rests at the right height.

The passenger dashboard has a large, lockable glovebox as well as a good stainless Jesus bar and a couple of mandatory drinkholders. The deluxe upholstered shell seats are fitted with swivels onto fibreglass seat boxes. Both the driver's and passenger's seat boxes have storage and the driver's side has a five-drawer tacklebox. I like the boxes as fitted but in a perfect world I'd opt for larger stepped boxes that allow more storage and extra seating.



Every Streaker boat features very good deck room and the Navigator's cuddy style layout accentuates this feature. Moreover, the deck is carpet lined as standard, which is my preference over other finishes (other than teak of course). There's a large storage area under the rear deck capable of holding a conventional fishbox, as well as a fully lined icebox forward.

The deck is lined with large, deep sidepockets positioned at a height to create the necessary toeholds. The thigh-height combings provide terrific security and feature recessed grabrails at the rear, as well as fully lined sidepockets with rod/gaff storage clips. There are recessed pockets near the seating positions, as well as separate mouldings for the fire extinguisher and EPIRB.

Streaker has opted to stay with the more traditional enginewell with lift-out rear seats. The old adage "If it ain't busted why change it?" still works well for me. The transom layout allows good access to the battery and bilge area and is finished off nicely with a transom skirt and a removable fibreglass baitboard.

The Navigator Eclipse package is a very comprehensive introductory offer that includes all the basics, plus plenty of quality accessories that make a house a home. These include a bilgepump, stainless rodholders, bimini canopy with front and side clears supported by an aluminium rocket launcher, stainless propeller, battery isolator, 184lt underfloor fuel tank, and safety equipment. Victorian registration and an Easytow tandem drive-on trailer with spare wheel and walkway are also part of the deal.

Aesthetics are enhanced in the Eclipse package with the inclusion of the two toned hull and custom-graphics that look great. We had a black and white boat, as well as an attractive, two-toned Port Red package to play with for the test. Both were identical but for colour but I must say I preferred the Port Red version.

Personally I prefer rougher days for boat tests. The morning of our test looked great with a 20-knot southerly that pushed wind-swept chop all over Port Phillip Bay. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready with two new boats in tow, the wind and swell had all but disappeared, leaving us with flat seas and clear blue skies. No matter, we still had loads of fun and pushed the package as hard as possible.



There are no bad habits with the Streaker 6100 Navigator Eclipse. It performs beautifully and will suits social skiing, wakeboarding, diving, cruising or fishing. It'll be quite at home in serious offshore excursions and I have no doubt the package will continue Streaker's long success in the Australian market.

We're lucky in this country to have boatbuilders of this standard producing exceptional quality boats with very friendly fitouts. Streaker really does the hard yards, and all that experience has produced yet another winning package.


Looks great


Soft ride

Functional layout

Big fuel capacity

Large deck

Premium quality construction




Specifications: Streaker 6100 Navigator



Price as tested: $67,450 with Yamaha 150hp four-stroke

Priced from: $58,700 with Yamaha 130hp two-stroke


Type: Deep-vee mono hull

Material: GRP

Length (overall): 6.1m

Beam: 2.49m

Hull weight : 900kg (estimated dry)

Deadrise: 20°


People: Seven

Fuel: Approx.184lt

Rec. HP: 150hp

Max HP: 150hp (four-stroke); 200hp (two-stroke)


Model: Yamaha F150A, EFI engine

Type: Four-Stroke, 16 Valve DOHC, direct action, in-line, four-cylinder

Displacement: 2670cc

Weight: 224kg

Gearbox ratio: 2.00:1

Propeller: Solas S/S 3 blade 141/4 x 17


Leon & Paul Savage's Streaker Boats

461 Mountain Highway,

Bayswater, Vic, 3153

Phone: (03) 9729 8288





Originally published in TrailerBoat 256

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