By: John Ford


The TriXsta39 is an innovative, economical fun machine. John Ford got on the water with the lads from Good Times Marine to try out their latest toy.



What a great idea. The little TriXsta39 ticks so many boxes you've got to wonder why nobody thought of it before. Derek Rodway from Sydney's Good Times Marine was at a wakeboarding competition last year in Port Macquarie when he got the inspiration for his latest innovation. After talking at the event to five-times Australian wakeskate champion, Chris Kallas, Derek came home with a trailer load of ideas on how to set up a tinnie that was strong enough for towsports while remaining safe and affordable. The result is a 3.9m packet of watersport enjoyment that won't break the bank and is economical to run.





The TriXsta39 is a combination runabout, fishing and watersports craft with an innovative tow system. The tow-tower is a 5mm thick tube, welded to the floor and transom without the need for additional support. It's engineered to pull up to 100kg in wakeskating, boarding, skurfing or tubing - which is one big fat fellah like me or a few kids on tubes.


The design of the boat is simple with well thought-out features that make it functional and easy to use. The aluminium hull is formed from 3mm plate all round with a deep-vee hull and double transom. At the bow is an open anchor locker and a raised casting platform with a hatch for storage. The sidedecks are wide and offer a comfortable sitting position. The sides are quite high for such a small boat and you get the feeling that they would offer plenty of protection for small children.


The oversized thwart seats are foam-filled and the space below the flat floor is sealed and fully welded.

Marine carpet provides a bit of comfort for bare feet that will inevitably be jumping in and out of the water. The sidedecks have four hooks to store ski ropes and water toys. Cupholders and rodholders are available as an option.







The test boat was fitted with a tiller-steer 40hp Suzuki, although it can be optioned with a pull-start 30 to get the price down to $10,690. There's provision for a bimini, which could be a useful option as this boat will likely be in high demand from the family when the weather is warm and the sun is at its most powerful.


Driving a tiller-steer boat is an acquired taste, but down the back with throttle in hand is where many a boater learned to craft his salty skills. Sitting sideways astride the thwart seat gives you the best position to control things while keeping an eye on the boarder.


The TriXsta gets moving quickly with a bow-up attitude that soon flattens out once it gets on the plane. The deep hull handles briskly and, as you push the tiller away from your body, it turn as quickly as you wish, governed only by your desire to stay in the boat and the length of your arm. Steering is a bit on the heavy side and learning to steer ambidextrously would be useful if you want to avoid ending up with one arm like a wrestler and the other like a ballet dancer.


However, the lack of trim control didn't seem to affect turning ability. Even at speed and across the bay in choppy open water, the hull lapped up the waves, showing no fear and without flex or hammering. The sound-deadening of the welded floor space kept things relatively quiet too.


The Good Times Marine lads were keen to make the most of their day away from the dealership and get on the wakeboard for the photo session. As we pulled into the sand spit where I changed to the camera boat the little TriXsta showed off its versatility. It was easy to get right into shallow water on a sandy shore, and despite the relatively high sides it remained accessible. As for towing, 40hp was plenty to get a single adult up onto a board.


Away from its watersport role the TriXsta has a hull pedigree which would see it capable of fishing bay and estuary conditions in safety and in comfort. The hull is stable at rest and there's room for a couple of standing anglers, making this an ideal entry-level contender, even an all-rounder.







Wind: 15kts


Sea: Choppy in the bay, flat in sheltered areas





On the plane...













Dragging the chain...



Steering a bit on the heavy side






Specifications: TrixSTa39







Price as tested: $12,300


Options fitted: 40hp electric-start Suzuki, rodholders, cupholders


Priced from: $10,690 with 30hp Suzuki







Type: Crossover monohull


Material: Aluminium


Length: 3.99m


Beam: 1.84m


Weight: 250kg


Approx. towing weight: 500kg






Fuel: 25lt


Rec. max HP: 40







Make/model: Suzuki 40hp


Type: Direct-injection, four-stroke


Displacement: 815cc


Weight: 110kg


Gearbox ratio: 2.27:1







Good Times Marine


2 Toorak Avenue


Taren Point, NSW, 2299


Tel: (02) 9524 6999




First published in TrailerBoat # 274


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