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As Yankee deckboats go, the Regal 2220 FasDeck covers a lot of bases. One minute it's a day cruiser and the next, a high-performance sportsboat and tow machine. Dean Sampson reports.


Style and practicality is what awaits you when you board this beautifully presented Regal 2220 FasDeck. From bow to stern this vessel is bred to look after the most fickle of buyers.

If I was to best describe this Regal I would call it a crossover vessel. The 2220 FasDeck has been designed as a day cruiser, a sportsboat and a recreational vessel of mammoth proportions.

The vessel boasts the trademark FasTrac hull which really allows this boat to dance on the water. The manufacturer says this design with a full-beam step allows the hull to ride on a cushion of air which in turn cuts down friction beneath the boat. This also allows for more benefits such as cheaper running costs and with today's price of fuel that has to appeal to all. It also aids holeshot which in simple terms allows the boat to plane quicker and achieve higher top-end speed. More later.

I had the pleasure to board the Regal 2220 FasDeck at Premier Marine's office at Sydney's Rose Bay. At first glance this craft looks like a cathedral hull, but as you get closer you can see that it's actually a monohull. Regal have really taken style to a new level with this craft, the flared bow strikes a very attractive look and also adds to the huge amount of space up front.




The layout of the boat utilises every inch of space and believe me, there is plenty.

As a day cruiser, the 2220 FasDeck has all the creature comforts, including a neat fully-enclosed portable toilet. Although it's hidden away there is ample room even with the door closed.

The high-quality and comfortable seating will accommodate 11 people with room to move as a day cruiser, and the Regal will not look out of place in any port of call - cruise around to all your favourite places in style.




When you feel the urge for a little adrenalin, no problem, you just push forward on the throttle and hang on, because you have just gone from day cruiser to sports mode in a matter of seconds, this is really where the FasTrac hull comes to life.

At wide open throttle you are really flying and throwing this vessel into hard full-lock turns does not faze it, even at top speeds, plus when you straighten up she really powers out of the turns.

I pushed 2220 FasDeck hard at every opportunity and it just kept coming up trumps. It seemed the harder I pushed it the better it performed.

In essence, this vessel really fits into the category of sportsboat. But wait, there's more, the Regal is fully rigged with a high-quality ski/wakeboard tower.

Just when you think you have covered all this boat has to offer, you realise that the 2220 FasDeck also caters for the water skier/wakeboarder, and any other water toy you would like to get wet on.

There is ample storage provided by the transom locker for all the water toys you care to take along on your day out. Some other features of this vessel that stand out are the seating arrangements. The huge aft sun lounge with chaise backrest is a terrific place to sit and watch your friends or children being towed on their favourite water toy. This is also complemented by the convertible seating on the port side.

When it comes to the average boater, we are swamped by information on which vessel is the correct one to buy, such as: should we buy a fishing boat, skiboat or a cruising boat? Well, the best thing about this boat is that it covers all these areas well.




The Regal 2220 FasDeck is fitted with a 5.7lt Volvo and it is as quiet as a mouse. Paired with duo props, the power and torque delivery through the rev range is second to none. This boat can really boogie when it matters most.

At 2500rpm you are cruising at 30mph in comfort, bump the throttle up a few notches and at 3000rpm you achieve a respectable 45mph. When you reach wide open throttle you register 5300rpm and achieve a white-knuckle 57mph - so hang on tight to those refreshments.

The crossover 2220 FasDeck offers big, comfortable seating for all, plenty of storage and ample room on board, and the trademarked FasTrac hull which, in simple terms, is a step about three-quarters of a way down the hull. It may look like a simple step, but its attributes are it improves handling and control by reducing the hull's wetted surface. This allows the boat to move through turns and the water more efficiently, all adding up to lower fuel costs.

The hull also features an angle laden fibreglass running surface which shapes the water providing a free, floaty ride.




This 2220 FasDeck from Regal Boats really delivers when we talk design. It has a huge amount of space up front in its bowriding area which some other monohull bowriders seem to be tight on, but this boat is big.

The FasDeck as tested was fitted with a high-grade top-of-the-line ski/wakeboard tower and a rear convertible sun lounge.
There is also a massive rear swim platform for easy access in and out of the water. The standard features are impressive as well, with popup cleats, ample stainless steel cupholders, depth gauge, compass, and a 12V in-dash outlet. When it comes to music, you are well looked after with a Kenwood CD stacker sound system command centre.

This 2220 hull is powered by the silky smooth 5.7lt Volvo with duo props and together, all add up to a breathtaking package from Regal Boats. The starting price for the 2220 FasDeck is from $95,000, as tested it is priced at $105,000 (both prices are sans trailer, and a dual-axle trailer is available for around $13,000).

Regal Boats have really nailed this crossover category and the 2220 should appeal to a wide section of the boating fraternity with this vessel.




Huge amount of space up front 
Great swim platform 
Convertible sun lounge




Ski/wakeboard tower rattles on tight turns







Price as tested: $105,000 sans trailer
Priced from: $95,000 sans trailer (dual-axle trailer is a $13,000 option)




Length overall: 6.8m
Beam: 2.6m
Weight: Approx 1724kg (dry)
Deadrise: 20°




Fuel: 159lt
People: 11




Make/model: Volvo Penta 5.7Gi-300-J
Type: V8 petrol sterndrive
Displacement: 5.73lt
Rated HP: 300
Max. RPM: 5000
Prop: Duoprop




Premier Marine,
Rose Bay Marina,
295 New South Head Road,
Rose Bay, NSW, 2029.
Phone: (02) 9328 0999
0417 253 545
Fax: (02) 9908 4444

First published in TrailerBoat #245

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