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The fast and stable Haines Signature 632F has everything for the angler and for the family too.



FROM THE ARCHIVE: First published in TrailerBoat #217, Mar 2007




In keeping with the Haines Group's fishing series of boats the 632F is designed to 'wrap around' the angler with its feature high gunwales surrounding the cockpit but can easily double as a family runabout.
It does have a narrow walk way around the cabin to the anchor well and this is accessed via purpose built foot treads in the inner liner mould. Access to the anchor well is also possible via a large roof hatch in the cabin that opens on a gas strut. The aperture here is wide enough to take a large single person standing on the v-berth inside. This rig was sparsely fitted out and no anchor winch was installed although there is a rebate under the anchor well hatch to hold one similar to a Maxwell Freedom winch.
The v-berth featured an infill which covered a removable portable toilet and when laid out provides enough room to sleep two adults. Storage is available under the berths and also in the wide surrounding pockets that form a backrest against the hull. Access into the cabin is relatively easy through a rebate in the deck of the cockpit.
At the helm, a foot rest moulded onto the bulkhead features a hatch with access to stowage inside but would not be waterproof, and the two pedestal seats are made of fibreglass shells with upholstered inserts. The helm itself is Sea Star hydraulic and is typically smooth in its operation pushing Suzuki's 200hp engine around effortlessly. The dash area has a flat panel where a medium sized combination sounder/plotter can be flush mounted and there is ample room for gimbal mount electronics behind the hardened glass windscreen panels on top.




A feature of the 'F' series boats that anglers enjoy is the volume of stowage that can be utilised in the space under those high gunwales. You can never have too much space for the likes of tackle boxes, knives, hand lines and the like. On this model the side pockets are two-tiered at the forward end and in the cockpit proper revert to a wide single, the lip of which has a non-slip foot tread to the step up leading to the walk around. A tap at the aft end of the pocket connects to the deck wash hose.
A large kill tank in the deck has a removable hatch, the aft end of which was buckled upwards creating a stubbed toe issue if not fixed. Apparently this hatch is carpet covered marine ply but one made of the same high quality nylon panelling would be more practical over a wet compartment.
Centrally located in the stern bulkhead is a drop down lounge that will hold about three average sized adults. It is supported on two folding struts and tucked away, fitted flush with the rest of the bulkhead. A net pocket in the face will be handy for odds and ends.
In the starboard corner of the cockpit a walk through exit to the boarding platform is about half the height of the gunwales and is closed off with a solid nylon door.
The bait board is functional with a hinged cutting board and a small drainable sink. A hose can be fitted to the sink allowing scraps into the engine well and are flushed out to sea via the drains. Remounting the bait board on its support will be a pre-requisite when the 200hp Suzuki goes to full tilt up - the cowl contacts the back underside of the board and will eventually result in damage to both.
A sumptuous live bait tank is located in the port corner of the stern bulkhead, but its nylon lid tended to rattle when underway and a latch assembly on this would be advisable. That's part of the four-stroke scenario - where every little rattle and noise not heard when running a louder two stroke becomes annoyingly evident!
The fuel tank on the 632F is located toward the stern and its fittings and pipes are visible from the cockpit making routine checking and maintenance easy.




The power plant on this unit is awesome. Holeshot is brilliant and while the recommended maximum horsepower for this model is 225, you won't need it. Its fitted 200hp is heaps. At 6000rpm it cracked across the chop at 79kmh on the hand held GPS and the boat seemed to be comfortable at any speed on the cruise. At 4000rpm we ran at 50kmh.
Having just disembarked from a Signature 580F the flat attitude of this hull is noticeably different. At high speed the boat remains quite flat during hard full-lock turns creating quite a bit of inertia for the occupants. Stability is good, though, and fully trimmed in you can throw this boat around without any aeration at the propeller.
Typical Moreton Bay chop was running at about 0.8 to one metre and this is not an issue at all for the variable deadrise of the hull. It is comfortable running at it from all angles.
At slower cruise speeds the water passing the hull wrapped around the stern hitting the boarding hand rail generating some spray onto the rear lounge. This will be an issue that requires addressing if using the 632F for a family recreational boat.
But with plenty of room and credentials for the serious angler this boat deserves further scrutiny by the family looking for some recreational fun on the water as well.
The 632F's listed towing weight of 1860kg will creep above the 2000kg mark with all the goods and equipment on board. This is still within the capabilities of a large six cylinder car such as a Commodore or Falcon but an upgraded tow pack would be advisable.




Good stability at rest
Ample stowage around cockpit




Engine contacting bait board
Rattling hatch on live bait tank
Spray off rear boarding hand rail at low cruise speeds





Specifications: Haines Signature 632F




Price as tested: $71,990 w/ no options




Material:                          Fibreglass
Length overall:                6.47m
Beam:                   2.5m
Deadrise:                         33 to 21 degrees
Weight:                            Approx. 950kg. hull                                     
Approx. 1860kg. towable




Fuel:                               200lt
Passenger berths:            2
Passengers:                     8 or 600kg
Maximum total load:      800kg
Minimum rec. hp:           150
Maximum rec. hp:          225 or 270kg
Flotation:                        Basic




Make/model:                  Suzuki DF200
Type:                              V6 DOHC 24-valve
Rated hp:                        200
Displacement:                 3614cc
Weight:                           263kg
Gearbox ratio:                 2.29:1
Propeller:                        16 x 20 inch




Springwood Marine,
3445 Pacific Highway,
Qld, 4127.
Phone (07) 3884 7250. Website



Originally published in TrailerBoat #217

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