EXCLUSIVE VIDEO. We test it first. The new Bar Crusher 730HT is a finely honed bluewater fishing boat. It'll make finned creatures nervous - and your mates envious.

We were privileged to have been invited to test the new Bar Crusher 730HT. As we were testing it Bar Crusher Boats was on something of a rush, having released multiple new models at the time including the new Bar Crusher 615 Gen2 hull. The 7630HT, however, uses that ‘standard’ Bar Crusher hull.



The Bar Crusher 730HT is the second largest boat in the plate boat manufacturer’s range. It has a shorter cabin than the Bar Crusher 780 but still retain 1.8m bunks for overnighters.

The design is best described as "simple" and "functional". It’ll happily accommodate four big fishermen or an entire family and it is built with many flat surfaces on which to add options and extras later.



The hull takes 700 litres of water ballast. If you’re unfamiliar with the Bar Crusher ballast system, it’s a flooding keel (basically, a cavity below the hull) that accommodates a large volume of water. It uses a gate, called the Bar Flap, which is electrically controlled. This is nothing more than a plate that closes the flooding keel and allows the boat to retain the water ballast while underway.

This flooding keel helps immensely with the boat’s stability at rest — during our review, several people sat hard over one edge on a coaming and the hull barely moved. It is also useful if, for example, the skipper travels through rough seas and needs a heavier boat.

The flooding keel also works in reverse: while getting onto the plane or heading back on the trailer, simply close the Bar Flap to get rid of additional weight.



"This particular boat is sold so we’re being nice and careful with it," said our tester Angelo.

"To be honest, it’s a hard thing to do because the hull is so soft it begs you to drive it harder. And with 250hp on the back, it certainly has more than enough grunt to do that," he added.

The 250hp Suzuki outboard was ideally matched for the hull. A 200hp outboard motor would be more than enough and even a 175hp engine would be adequate. However, anglers planning to head offshore should seriously consider remaining with the 250hp.

Want more information? Ask a question from Bar Crusher or request a brochure (just click the link and scroll down).

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