The Bass Strait Ocean Pro 600, a southern boat with a commercial heritage, travels with us to to Far North Queensland for the TrailerBoat Torture Test.

Cooktown recently saw the launch of the TrailerBoat torture test featuring four ripper boats. The Bass Strait Ocean Pro, affectionately known as the Straiter, may already be well known to many of you. She’s been seen on the water fishing up and down the east coast and on this trip she filled the role of a camera boat and transport ship. Indeed, Bass Strait boats are bred for commercial bluewater fishing for the likes of abalone divers in treacherous southern waters.



The boat looks really well laid out and appears stable and strong. And don’t be fooled: boats like these belong in the open seas and rough stuff. It may not be a big boat but it looks like it could punch through anything. In terms of power, its OptiMax outboard motor is excellent. It’s no surprise that a lot of big offshore boats are wearing them. They’re lighter, cheaper and have more punch out of the hole than comparative four-strokes.

"I really do like the Bass Strait craft. I was involved with that boat right from the waxing of the moulds to start with," said boat reviewer John Willis. "We’ve put together a terrific package there. It’s powerful, it’s seagoing, it’s got plenty of deck room and plenty of equipment onboard. I love fishing out of it."

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