Video: Bar Crusher 780 Hard Top Pilothouse

The Bar Crusher 780HT Pilothouse (Hard Top Pilothouse or HTP) is a new alloy fishing boat with an enclosed cabin. A new model in the Bar Crusher boats range, it’s suitable for overnighting families and extended fishing trips.



As with most Bar Crusher boats models there is a good-sized livebait tank at the back of the transom, as well as a cutting board at a practical height.

This last item has some nice little features, like a practical fish-length measurer in the bait station. The batteries are raised above the floor, below the bait station, keeping them out of harm’s way.

Next to the cabin are what appear to be two fishing seat boxes; they respectively contain a gas stove and a freshwater washing sink that can hold up to 6lt. Fishermen also get several tackle trays although somewhat on the downside, the rodholders may be a bit high up, especially for vertically challenged anglers.

Bar Crusher bait board fish measure



Inside the Bar Crusher 780 HT’s pilothouse, considerable effort has gone into softening the fabrics and the feel of the interior. This suits families wishing to overnight.

The 780HT has a large vee-berth cabin with plenty of headroom and storage underneath. It’s in a pleasing soft fabric, not a vinyl fabric that would be cold to the touch at night. The cabin pockets are also fully lined and all exposed aluminium alloy surface are painted.

This 780HT Pilothouse model was fitted with Raymarine Hybrid Touch marine electronics, although the dash still has room for more or bigger.



Power on this Bar Crusher 780HT is from 4lt V6 300hp outboard motor. This outboard model has a reduction gearbox which allows it to take a bigger propeller, resulting in better holeshot while maintaining a good top end.

During speed runs the boat was able to execute extremely sharp turns and its chines gripped beautifully. Top speed was about 70kmh (just under 38kts).


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