Review: Bar Crusher 670HTP / Bar Crusher 780HTP

By: John Willis, Photography by: John Willis

Bar Crusher 780HTP 01 Bar Crusher 780HTP Bar Crusher 780HTP 01
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Bar Crusher 670HTP 04 Bar Crusher 670HTP Bar Crusher 670HTP 04
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Bar Crusher has released several new models in its ever-improving range of aluminium fishing boats. We take the Bar Crusher 670 and 780HPT out for a quick spin in some truly awful southern weather.

Review: Bar Crusher 670HTP / Bar Crusher 780HTP
The Bar Crusher 780HTP is the flagship of the new Pilothouse Hardtop range.

Bar Crusher has released more new aluminium fishing boats that are all at the top end of their model range. The new Bar Crusher boats are the Bar Crusher 670HTP, 730HTP and 780HTP.

HTP stands for Hard Top Pilothouse and is an apt representation of the extra cabin space and facility of the fully enclosed cabins.



The new Pilothouse models represent quite a market shift for Bar Crusher by providing camper-style amenity instead of the former purist, blood-and-guts fishing machines. The new models have lost none of the famous seagoing ability and soft ride inherent throughout the range, but instead add an element of user-friendly camping facility for those who spend long hours on the water.

Bar Crusher says it designed them as overnighters; however I would be quite happy to spend a week or two cruising lakes, rivers and estuaries – preferably those with a wicked entrance to the sea to have some extra fun.

Whatever your boating preference these new models tick all the boxes for mad-keen anglers both inshore and offshore, as well as families wanting multifunctional packages with full-locking cabin enclosures, toilets, dinettes and many of the comforts of home – some including the kitchen sink.

On the day of our review I arrived to find a Bar Crusher 670HTP and the flagship Bar Crusher 780HTP already launched and ready to go. I had the choice of boats to play with first, so of course I chose the big one fitted with the gutsy 300hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard motor.

I was most impressed as we gently idled down the river toward a very lumpy entrance. In fact it was more kid-in-a-lolly-shop as I opened every hatch, played with every gadget and generally romped around the fine package with the excitement of an Easter egg hunt.

The constant battering of one of Melbourne’s worst winters in memory had dumped plenty of sand across the river mouth entrance, so we lifted quickly onto the plane with the huge acceleration and confidence of the big Zuker! The waves had steep faces and no bottoms but the 780HT took it all in its stride easily. We did need the windscreen washers as the wind now rose to over 25kts directly in our faces.

Bar Crusher pilothouse video
Video: Bar Crusher 780HTP in action
(on a day when it wasn't blowing)

We zapped through the short bar and out into deeper water to find a still steep, windswept swell. Photography was difficult with the constant spray barrage but the big Crusher just took it all head on, softly and confidently.

We ran uphill and down dale and even tucked into some tight turns at the base of following waves without error. The fine entry drops in quite low but never once gave any impression of going under or broaching. She kept full control and straight lines and when asked to recover from driver’s mistakes, she responded accordingly. Above all it was exceptionally soft, dry, warm and comfortable. This is a great hull with tremendous capability!

There’s plenty of fishing space and facility, and even a sink and stove under the twin upholstered benches at the front of the cockpit with the twin-hinged doorway between.

Inside the cabin is a uniquely convertible dinette with removable table that switches from dinette when anchored to a practical bench seat for those long runs to the shelf. The cabin is fully lined with a large V-berth, plenty of storage and a plumbed toilet. The helm is terrific, vision excellent and all-in-all it’s a package that I am very happy to recommend as a pinnacle of its class.



We punched the Bar Crusher 670 out of the bar as the wind topped 30kts without concern. The added weight of the enclosed hardtop has had little effect on the balance of the boat, which again proved its comfort and surefootedness in the turmoil. There was plenty of spray, so I was thankful for the windscreen wipers as we played like schoolkids in the slop, displaying yet again why Bar Crusher has earned its strong following and proven reputation.

It’s a shame we only had time for a quick play in the new models but rest assured, we are in planning for some thorough reviewing on extended sojourns with the new Bar Crusher Pilothouse Hard Tops. Stay tuned.


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