Review: Scout 195 Sportfish

By: Kevin Smith, Photography by: Kevin Smith

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The Scout 195 Sportfish centre-console fishing boat will have you prepared for any eventuality.

Scout is no new name to the global boating scene, especially so in the States where it is a fierce competitor to the top American boats. Scout Boats has been around for approximately 30 years already and ranks highly for its attractive and sexy styling throughout the models, as well as innovative design and build qualities.

Around 10 years ago I tested a few of the Scout Boats in harsh offshore conditions back in South Africa and I can clearly remember being super-impressed with them. Unfortunately back then only those with a very positive bank account could afford them, thanks to an exchange rate of 12:1 to the US dollar.



This boat was rated one of the best of the year. It has been nominated to participate at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016.


Here it’s a different story though with the Australian currency closely matching the US dollar. The first of the Scout boats to be available for grading has been the Scout 195 Sportfish centre console. The Scout 195 is 19.5ft in length and is one of the mid-range centre console fishing boats available when it comes to size, as the range goes right up to 35-footers with triple 300s…


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Scout 195 Sportfish centre console

Like all Scout boats, the 195 Sportfish is very attractive at a first, second and every glance for that matter. Besides looking like the ideal fishing centre console, these boats have an awesome balance between functionality and style. Externally they look the part, modern, stylish and sexy – along with an interior that’s just as good looking.

What I really like is how Scout manages to incorporate so much into the layout without obstructing fishable space. For instance the stern is open to fishing but still has dual seating either side of the motor well – and they are actually comfortable to sit on. Below each seat is a large storage compartment with the starboard side accommodating the motor battery and easily accessible isolator switch. In the centre there is another hatch with access to filter and bilge pump – a neat setup.

You might wonder where the livebait tank is. Instead of having a dedicated baitwell mounted into the stern the 195 Sportfish has a tournament-styled leaning post/seating setup with incorporated plumbed baitwell and backrest. It’s an awesome setup and can be used as seating, or a leaning post with two extra rodholders – simply take the backrest out.



Scout 195 Sportfish layout

The console on the 195 Sportfish fishing boat is another pearl of a design with massive space for large electronics. The angles are good, it’s wide and doesn’t affect the walk-around section thanks to a 2.6m beam, as well as having decent-sized storage accessible from the side, and a very slick looking powder-coated T-top that’s as sturdy as they come.

Another good feature is the rod-racks which are moulded into the gunwales and take a 7ft rod without a problem, although it takes a bit of time to get them in. There are two rodholders per side, along with four in the rocket launcher and another four flush-mounted in the stern coamings – no shortage when it comes to rodholders.

Up front in the bow there is a flash-looking removable icebox with seating on top positioned in front of the console, along with a small cast deck with removable bow cushion and anchor hatch in the bow. The coamings flare out in the bow, have non-slip, and are wider than on most boats. With such good stability you can actually stand on them while fishing and for lure fisherman there is plenty of space to mount an electric motor.



Scout 195 Sportfish on the water

One characteristic I remembered from the past was that the Scouts rode exceptionally softly for trailerboats. The Scout hulls have an interesting design and build, with stringers and transoms being composite rather than wood, along with their Air-Assist hull which has additional longitudinal buoyancy to increase static floatation and decrease time to plane, in turn improving handling characteristics and increasing fuel economy.

Scout Boats 195 Sportfish

The Scout 195 Sportfish had the maximum horsepower fitted for test, a 150hp Yamaha four-stroke outboard motor. The 150hp proved to be a superb match, with lighting holeshot and a top end of 41kts at 6000rpm. In the mild chop the hull had a good safe feel to it at WOT and, when slamming it into some hard turns it was quite gentle rather than sharp – that is, it felt a bit more like a bass boat in the turns, which leans in slightly while pushing the stern around.

Having a 2.6m beam on a 19.5ft boat definitely adds to the stability and on the 195 its scores highly, both at rest and underway. Normally great stability comes at a price, with the ride often compromised – a bit harder than boats with a deeper hull entry – but on the Scout 195 it’s far from it, with one of the better balances between soft ride, great stability and dryness.

Driving is a pleasure, whether standing up against the console or seated on the fancy leaning post/seating arrangement. The 195 is fitted with the new short-blade Lenco trim tabs but to be honest I never went near them to adjust the balance of the boat. But like any centre console, they are well worth having for the times that you really need them.



The Scout 195 Sportfish might not be utterly dedicated to fishing needs but that’s exactly why I like it – it’s a boat that also suits family boating. Finishes are great, the layout is luxurious for a centre console of this size and it has awesome performance and handling characteristics to suit rough bays, flat water and offshore alike. You will be the envy of everyone and suddenly have plenty of friends who want to go boating with you.


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Single Yamaha 150XA with 17in pitch propeller


SPEED (kts)













*Sea-trial data supplied by the author.




Scout 195 Sportfish price: $69,999 (BMT package)



$52,753 (with Yamaha F115XB outboard motor)



Yamaha 150XA, black hull, bow cushion, leaning post with backrest, and powder-coated T-top with AFT spreader light and T-Bag



MATERIAL Composite/fibreglass

TYPE Monohull

LENGTH 5.92m 

BEAM 2.6m

DRAFT 30cm

WEIGHT 975kg





REC. HP 115       

REC. MAX HP 150            

FUEL 189lt



MAKE/MODEL Yamaha 150XA outboard motor

TYPE Four-stroke outboard motor



WEIGHT 223kg  

GEAR RATIO 2:1               

PROPELLER 17in pitch




27 Waterway Drive,

Coomera, QLD, 4209

PHONE 07 5665 8400





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