Video: Stabicraft 2100 Frontier in Darwin

The Trade-a-Boat crew heads to Darwin to review the new Stabicraft 2100 Frontier fishing machine.

The Stabicraft 2100 Frontier is more than just a 2100 Supercab that lost its top to a low bridge. This aluminium fishing boat is a dedicated centre-console platform made for the serious anglers.

The fuel tank on the Stabicraft 2100 Frontier is enlarged (275lt). There’s a massive platform wedged up front and it has a decent-sized console that make this Stabicraft the biggest Frontier in the range a 6-up fishing platform.

The platform was wisely made high enough to take most Esky-type coolers and happens to be handy for keeping them off the floor and out of the sun (coolers left sitting in the sun up north quickly heat up and melt their ice).

The console is massive and centred back from amidships to give more room up front. Surprisingly a livebait tank is optional but then again, these big open boats are targeted at buyers in warmer areas where stick baits and lures are the go.


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The Stabicraft 2100 Frontier hull carries over the well-known Arrow Pontoons and Game Chaser Transom, the former handy for accommodating big four-stroke outboard motors and chasing big fish astern.

Performance on the Stabicraft 2100 Frontier was very good, as is expected from Stabicraft aluminium boats. In particular, the Arrow Pontoons did a good job of softening the ride. We have driven 2100s with 200hp and less; this hull was fitted with a Yamaha F225 outboard motor and just flew (think over 80kmh). Even so, it would be fine with 150-175hp and would definitely be fast enough with 200hp.



Overall we liked the Stabicraft 2100 Frontier. The placement of rodholders was a little off but this is of course personal taste. Indeed, you can order the Stabicraft 2100 Frontier without them fitted.

This Stabicraft 2100 is an aluminium fishing boat of the first order that anglers will love — especially up north.


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