Video: White Pointer 263

By: John Willis, Photography by: Ellen Dewar

The ride on the White Pointer 263 (derived from the famous Formula hull) has to be felt to be believed. Watch this video if you don’t believe us.

White Pointer Marine out of Bairnsdale makes acclaimed commercial-style boats. We were privileged to review a White Pointer 263 hull. But before we go any further, here is a bit of history on the origins of this famous hull.


White Pointer / Formula hull

The Formula 233 hull has acquired legendary status in worldwide boating, particularly in Australia. Its early American offshore powerboat racing credentials were obscured for many years by Australian manufacturer Haines Hunter, with its own race-bred technology and boatbuilding dominance.

They are great boats and the forebears of many current models, including the immensely successful Edencraft boats. Yet the Formula 233 forged the path for another slightly lesser known classic; the 243 hull, designed by John Haines and originally produced by Haines Hunter. John’s brother Garry described the 243 to me as one of the best hulls they ever produced. It differed from its predecessor Formula with three strakes rather than two, a much straighter sheerline with reduced bow flair, and a less radical chine.

White Pointer 263

After the mid-80s turmoil at the original Haines Hunter, an Eden-based car dealer named Ron Doyle purchased many of the moulds and transported them to their new home on the NSW south coast. The Edencraft history is another story in itself and includes my old boss, Harry Twinkler, who employed me straight out of school in 1977 as a trainee boat builder.

One of Doyle’s principle boat builders was Erick Hyland. Another of the industry’s great personalities, he ended up with the famous 243 moulds and has been quietly producing absolutely sensational versions at White Pointer Boats in Bairnsdale, Vic, for 11 years.

It is from these moulds that White Pointer Marine based its newer, White Pointer 263 hull.


Twin 300hp Suzuki outboard motors

Twin 300hp Suzuki outboard motors

Out White Pointer 263 was fitted with twin Suzuki 300hp engines.  "The ultimate four-stroke outboard" crows the manufacturer. It’s fair – since its introduction, Suzuki's flagship 300hp V6 has set premium standards for marine propulsion. Suzuki received its seventh NMMA award for advanced technologies and designs in 2012, setting the pace with terrific engineering.

The major innovation that qualified the Suzuki DF300AP for the award was Suzuki Selective Rotation – the world's first outboard that can be selected for standard or counter-rotation in the same standard gearcase. This is ground-breaking technology that’s particularly appealing to twin-rig installations in either single or multihull designs, not only providing ultimate flexibility and easy long-term servicing and maintenance, but also assisting the resale price when it finally comes time to update.

The Suzuki DF300AP also features two-way low water pick-up inlets, aiding engine cooling with increased water flow, as well as Suzuki Precision Control, otherwise known as fly-by-wire, for instantaneous, positive and silky smooth gear-shift and throttle response.

The fuel efficiency demonstrated by this White Pointer with its twin 300hp Suzukis is achieved with the aid of Suzuki Lean Burn Control, which includes an oxygen sensor, allowing precise fuel injection that accounts for barometric pressure and oxygen content.

The simplicity of the naturally aspirated Suzukis appeals greatly compared to the intricacies of competitors’ supercharged induction and means every authorised Suzuki dealership can service the engine. Suzuki continues its offset drive, a feature on its four-stroke outboards for more than a decade. This offset drive improves weight balance forward over the transom, with a gear drive to the prop-shaft creating greater torque and allowing larger propeller selections for greater performance.

The long list of features also includes a self-adjusting timing chain, easy-access shim and bucket valve adjustment, relatively low weight at 279kg each, and a massive 245.5cu-in. (four-litre) displacement.


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