Video: White Pointer 263 hardtop with twin 250 Suzukis

By: John Willis, Photography by: Ellen Dewar

Check out this hardtop White Pointer 263 with twin 250 Suzuki outboard motors.

White Pointer Marine out of Bairnsdale makes some of the toughest fishing boats in Australia. We previously did a White Pointer 263 review, a commercial boat with twin 300hp Suzuki outboards.

It was so popular we ended up also testing the recreational fishing version you see here. Check out this White Pointer 263 with a hardtop, powered by twin 250hp Suzuki outbord motors.


White Pointer 263 Hardtop with twin 250hp Suzuki outboards

White Pointer 263 Hardtop review

The handling, ride and performance of the White Pointer 263HT is simply sensational. With twin 250hp Suzuki outboards, we reached a massive top speed of 87km/h at 6200rpm, trimmed all the way out with a light load and two passengers — and we could still easily hear each other talking. But we were too excited to look at the fuel flow, so I’ve had to supply the factory figures – sorry!

Our camera boat, the Haines V19R project boat with its 200hp Evinrude E-TEC outboard motor was working as the camera boat and couldn’t catch it. In our defence, we had four passengers and a heap of gear but the White Pointer 263 Hardotp streaked away like a cut cat. The manoeuvrability of this big monohull is unbelievable and the ride as soft as I would ever expect to find in my lifetime.

The gutsy 250 Suzuki outboard motors are an ideal combination. While the 300hp Suzuki outboards were better for the hoon in me, they’re best described as attractive overkill. Realistically, the 250 hp Suzukis are the same block. They feature the same selective rotation, Suzuki Precision Control, Suzuki Lean Burn Control System, multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection, variable valve timing and the unique two-stage gear reduction system and offset driveshaft that really feels like it improves the balance on the transom by bringing the powerhead weight further forward into the well.

Suzuki also claims a considerable increase in torque which felt equally real on this big, heavy commercial-grade monohull. And who can argue with the limited five-year warranty for recreational use?

The package would be terrific with a pair of 175hp Suzuki engines but the 250hp outboards are the icing on this delicious cake. Suzuki says: "No replacement for displacement!" and these four-litre DF250s (245.5cu-in) at a relative light 279kg each certainly put the rumble in my tumble.

Twin 250hp Suzuki outboards on White Pointer 263 Hardtop


White Pointer 263 Hardtop specs





Hard top, livebait tank, Hinged and removable dive door, full custom sportsfishing and electronics fit-out




TYPE Deep-vee monohull fibreglass fishing boat


BEAM 2.46m




White Pointer Boats

188 Princess Highway

Bairnsdale (Lucknow), Vic, 3875

Phone (03) 5152 3228




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