Review: Noosa Cat 2400 Series Open Cabin

By: Kevin Smith, Photography by: Kevin Smoth

Your best friend might be a power catamaran like the 2400 Series Open Cabin if perfect fishing or weekenders is what you’re after.

Trailerable multihull or powercat-hull reviews are few and far between. That’s because local powercat manufacturers are just as few and just as far between – whether fibreglass cats or aluminium. Luckily, the few that do manufacture trailerable power catamarans in Australia produce some really top performing, quality boats.


Noosa Cat 2400

Noosa Cat 2400

Noosa Cat is definitely one of the popular fibreglass power catamaran brands in Australia, especially in the commercial industry. Rescue services, police boats, maritime safety and others consistently run Noosa Cat fleets, and it’s not surprising as the build quality and design for intended purpose are second to none.

In the recreational sector there’s certainly a Noosa Cat cult, with many seen moored up at canal homes, used as weekenders and big gamefish hunting boats. Starting at 24 feet they’re certainly not toys by any means and after testing the latest Noosa Cat 2400 Series Open Cabin it’s no surprise they have such a strong following.

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Layout and design

Noosa Cat 2400 deck and floor

On the water the Noosa Cat 2400 definitely has attractive lines. A cross of modern and old-school, at a glance it comes across as a typically good weekender or as a serious offshore fishing weapon.

Multihulls will always have the edge over monohull of the same size for cockpit and general deck space, and with the Noosa Cat 2400 sporting an open 2.5m beam there’s enough room to throw a party on this boat. The layout on the 2400 Series Open Cabin test boat was simple and most certainly geared for maximum fishability.

The stern walk-through with ladder and transom door is generous and has sealed transom hatches to the sides for batteries and plumbing, maintaining a neat and flush finish to maximise the fishability in the stern. The centre self-draining deck not only allows for quick water drainage but makes cleaning a simple task.

Noosa Cat 2400 walkaround

As for storage, the gunwale side pockets have plenty of space for gear and having a gunwale door on the starboard side is great for easy access when boarding and a great spot to drag that monster tuna onto the deck too. The self-draining wet deck sits well above the waterline and eliminates any splash or water flow through the side door.

On the comfort side, the back-to-back seating configuration at the helm not only fits four comfortably, but also has built-in oversized insulated Eskies/kill tanks, eliminating the need for deck-mounted hatches and kill tanks.


Cabin hardtop

Hardtop cabin of Noosa Cat 2400

The open cab hardtop provides good protection from the elements and has triple windscreens with wipers as standard, as well as wide side windows and dual transparent roof-hatches to maintain the light and keep the air flowing – a definite must for summer in Queensland. For winter, the roll-up vinyl screen/bulkhead enclose the cab, adding to the protection from the elements and maintaining warmth in the colder months. For overnighters in the tropics this can be replaced with an optional mozzie-screen.

The helm has a good dash set-up, allowing for comfortable driving whether seated or standing. I also like the angle and space available on the dash for electronics as it can take the larger flush-mount systems that are clearly visible seated or standing regardless of the light angles.

Up in the bow, the cabin is a reasonable size with included cab-door, infill-bunk cushion and a bit of storage space. For fishers I can see it being crammed with extra tackle and rods while those looking at stays on the water could set it up quite comfortably to sleep two.

Interestingly, a Noosa Cat customer took delivery of his new 2400 and flashed it past the lens on his way out. His 2400 was tricked up to the max for offshore fishing, with tackle/bait station centred on the rear deck, as well as rocket launchers and extra fishing trinkets which definitely took the boat to the next level – obviously these are all optional features available from Noosa Cat.


Handling and ride

Noosa Cat 2400 Series Open Cabin

The 2400’s offshore ride characteristics are another impressive part of the performance. Having only driven the Noosa Cats at Yamaha events within the broad water on the Gold Coast I always thought they rode well, but never had the chance to really test the ride in its true environment – rough conditions offshore.

With a prediction of 5-8kt and very little swell offshore of Noosa it wasn’t going to be a gruelling test but thankfully the weatherman stuffed up and a brisk 12-15kt SE produced decent swell and chop for the hull rating.

On top of its power performance, the 2400 produces one of the better rides for a cat of this size. Stability is notably good; she sits very comfortably at rest and is just as stable up on the plane and at high speeds. The dreaded ‘thump’ through the tunnel when knocking through chop and swell is a problem in average-riding cats and makes the ride pretty uncomfortable. But that’s far from the case on the 2400 as the bow gets good lift and airflow through the tunnel, maintaining a quieter and softer ride in the rough at speed – pretty impressive.

Tight turns on a cat are make or break – a good riding one maintains a level attitude in the turn or banks slightly to the inside sponson. Hulls that do the opposite – hook and lean onto the outer pontoon are unpleasant to drive in my opinion and probably enough to turn anyone off cat hulls. Again, no worries with the 2400 as it comfortably maintains a level attitude in turns at mid and higher speeds. Low down, the inner sponson grabs nicely in tight turns with a bit of inside lean and this is definitely what I prefer when negotiating bars or surf zones.

Regardless of speed, the 2400 is a really easy and comfortable boat to drive without having to consistently adjust trims to account for lean – you can pretty much set the trims to suit the conditions then sit back and relax while at the helm.


The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Noosa Cat 2400 power catamarans

The Noosa Cat 2400 Series Open Cabin is an easily manageable, towable cat and doesn’t require a massive vehicle with a rating over 3500kg to cart it around. Considering the performance characteristics and fishable layout, the 2400 also has no issues when it comes to tackling heavy conditions and long-range offshore fishing expeditions.

For those looking for a bit more glamour on the water, transforming the 2400 into a weekender or more of a cruise boat is also a simple task with the numerous options available. The 2400 suits family boating and serious offshore business alike – and if you’re chasing an upgrade, a boat that’s going to last and one that holds its value over time then jump on a Noosa Cat for a test drive – you might be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer. 



  • Offshore ride and performance capabilities
  • Open and spacious fishing layout
  • Ability to option up to suit weekenders, families and fishing alike
  • Sturdy build



  • Trims/beading to exposed edges would finish it off nicely
  • Vinyl bulkhead hangs a bit low when rolled up


Noosa Cat 2400 specs

Noosa Cat 2400 price: $157,800 + GST

Price as tested



Tandem gal trailer; engine upgrade; side cockpit door; extended iceboxes; cabin hatches; outrigger kit; vinyl kit; Aqua-deck matting; bunk in-fill cushions; custom grab rails; Furuno package


PRICED FROM (BM package)

$119,416 incl GST (cuddy)

$123,266 incl GST (walkabout)

$131,926 incl GST (open cabin)



Type Multihull offshore weekend/fisher

Material GRP (fibreglass)

Length 8.4m (LOA)

Beam 2.5m

Weight 2800kg (hull, tri-axle trailer, safety gear and 200L fuel)



People 8 (day) 2 (night)

Rec HP 2 x 130

Max HP 2 x 200

Fuel 2 x 225L (2 x 285L optional)

Water 50L optional



Model Yamaha F150XB, LF150XB outboard motor

Type 16-valve DOHC inline four outboard motor

Weight 228kg

Displacement 2670cc

Gear ratio 2.00:1



Noosa Cat Australia

6 Production Street, Noosaville, 4566 QLD


Phone +61 7 5449 8888



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