Review: Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console

By: John Willis, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

With the Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console, Anglapro Boats keeps making a name for its bulletproof aluminium fishing boats.

The Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console is my kinda boat. It’s as attuned to chasing pelagics in bluewater slush as it is our sweetwater natives; maybe some spotted river foxes in our crystal streams and impoundments, or warding off crocs and rock bars for run-off barra. It’s the largest of the Anglapro Sniper range of fishing boats, with five models starting from the handy little Anglapro 414. And this isn’t just another production tinny; there’s been some real thought and experience designed into the package from below the waterline upwards.


Anglapro aluminium fishing boats

Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console

Anglapro Boats has been working hard on its innovative hull designs by maximising the internal facility with wide beam and employing enormous construction strength. The Sniper hull has a combination of very big reverse chines and multiple aggressive strakes that provide enormous stability at rest but also assist lift and tracking in some very impressive hydrodynamics. Two strakes very close to the keel seem to act almost like a ribbed running plank, getting the hull up on the plane very efficiently and providing very good direction control. The innovative design allows the deadrise to be deeper than most competitors’ and this deadrise runs from stern to forefoot, creating a well-formed entry that slices the chop easily. There seems to be little spray off the bow, partly because the hull rides high over the slop but there’s also a pair of spray deflectors up front to help keep it dry inside.

The construction technique is immensely strong with the added reinforcement of multiple box-section ribs extending right up to the undersides of the side coamings. Our demonstration unit had been optioned up to a 4mm marine-grade alloy bottom with 3mm sides, so it can really be considered as a plate aluminium construction. While I’m confident the standard 3mm would be excellent, the added confidence of increased hull thickness always appeals with the advantage of increased weight down low as well as stronger construction from increased weld penetration. That’s not to mention greatly increased strength and reduced noise, all providing an obviously smoother ride.


Side console

Side console on Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro

Whilst I like the side-console concept I have always been concerned about the balance with operator weight to one side of a V-bottom boat. No such concerns with this Sniper Pro – the wide beam and deep reverse chine hold the side load exceptionally well, creating the opportunity for a terrific layout with excellent flow-through deck spaces from bow to stern.

Up in the pointy bit is a welded bowsprit and deep, open anchor well with cross bollard behind. It’s all quite good but I’d personalise the area with a bowsprit that to accommodate an anchor out front and replace the bollard with a locking unit so the anchor can permanently live outside the boat. I realise this isn’t too critical for lure fishos, since they are rarely swing off the anchor; however, it’s important to us bait soakers who regularly handle muddy anchors and chain. Better still, you could easily fit a cotton reel-style winch – it’s up to you and your bank account.

That said, mooring has to some extent been superseded by the Motorguide X15 wireless electric trolling motor that not only gives this Sniper the stealth to sneak up on the target but can act as a virtual anchor with remote Pinpoint GPS. This is a highly desirable option for any sports fisho and sits well on the Sniper’s bow mount with short side rails either side.



Layout and design

Bow of Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro

Inside the hull is a ripper forward casting platform with a tonne of working room and a plug-in mount for one of the twin upholstered pedestal seats. There is a very large plumbed live catch tank at the rear of the casting deck as well as a forward hatch that reveals an immense cavity for general storage. It’s terrific to have such an immense storage space and my only real criticism is that equipment would be hard to access once it falls to the sides of the catch tank – I’d personalise it with a further bulkhead and a couple of added hatches to provide better access. Still, the large amount of storage is certainly to be applauded.

As you step down into the main cockpit from the casting deck you feel totally safe and secure with very high freeboard (620mm) and a large flat deck area to work from. All of the floor areas are comfortably carpeted and there are three other seat bases to shift the load as you require. The Sniper has quite a small side console but it’s entirely suited to the boat, with side-mount engine controls, a grab rail above the Perspex windscreen, plenty of foot room for big blokes and a small parcel shelf for all your loose knick-knacks. There’s a switch panel to the left and the Mercury VesselView multi-function screen to the right of the steering wheel, and our electronics package was completed with a dash-mounted Lowrance Elite 7ti colour sounder/chartplotter (upgrade from the standard 4x) that was an absolute breeze to use. There’s plenty of dash available for the current trend of larger multi-function units but I found the Lowrance totally suited.

Lowrance Elite 7ti colour sounder chartplotter

There are short side pockets both sides that could be extended or customised for even more storage. Anglapro provides extruded side decks all around, with four fully welded rod holders plus the deck fill for the 100-litre underfloor fuel tank. That’s a terrific fuel capacity for a boat of this nature, giving it excellent range for extended sojourns.

Out back is a conventional engine well with another plumbed livebait tank in the starboard side, a large cutting board with more rod holders, strong bollards and a short rail either side. The engine battery is under the bait tank; the second electric motor battery is up front, under the casting deck. There’s still plenty of room under the transom for further customising, and out back there’s a boarding platform on each side.


Handling and ride

Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro on the water

This Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console performs beautifully on the water, with terrific ride and nimble manoeuvrability. It is totally surefooted with exceptional grip through steep turns aided by the large Mercury Command Thrust leg and hydraulic steering. These CT options suggest very little on paper but add considerably to the overall feel and handling of the package boat. I know of some who have travelled into the depths of Bass Strait catching Southern Bluefin Tuna in these great all-rounders but they double up as terrific family boats as well, especially with the 115hp Pro EX giving tons of grunt for family water sports and skiing. It proved speedy and economical, with our top speed recorded at 38kt (about 70km/h) at 6200rpm (governor?) where it was only consuming a thrifty 45 litres per hour with two passengers.

Top end is one thing but mid-range performance is far more important on fishing boats. The Sniper 514 felt sensational on the water, travelling at a comfortable 18kt at 3500rpm where it achieved very pleasing economy of 12.2L/h. That gives a long cruising range in excess of 130 nautical miles, with 10 per cent reserve.


The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Console on Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console

The Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console is a sportsfishing assassin with the armour-plated might of a modern-day gladiator. Combine that with the speed, thrust and performance of the Mercury Pro XS outboard motor and you’ll stage your own pelagic victory on any aquatic battlefield.



  • Strong construction
  • Efficient hull design
  • Wide beam
  • Fishy fitout
  • Big deck room
  • High freeboard



  • No bulkhead in forward hatch
  • Cockpit passenger seat needs a handle


Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console specs

Anglapro Sniper 514 Pro Side Console price: $33,990

Priced From, with 75hp Mercury FourStroke outboard motor



Anchor well, bilge pump, bow rail and side rails, carpeted floor, front casting deck, kill tank, Lowrance Elite 4X, navigation and anchor lights, painted inside & out, rear casting deck, rear step, side console inc windscreen & grab rail, side decks, side pockets, steering wheel, underfloor fuel tank



Engine upgrade, 4mm hull upgrade, 80lb MotorGuide, hydraulic steering, enclosed transom, bait board, military grey paint upgrade, spray chines, Elite 7ti sounder upgrade






MATERIAL Aluminium

TYPE Side console V-bottom

LENGTH 5.15m

BEAM 2.25m

WEIGHT 570kg (hull only)



PEOPLE (DAY) 6 (450kg)






MAKE / MODEL Mercury 115hp Pro XS outboard motor



Anglapro Boats

2 Toorak Ave, Taren Point, NSW 2229

Phone (02) 9524 6999




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